Megan Keely — American Singer and Songwriter

Megan is scheduled to perform at TEDxSanJoseCA Women — The Space Between Head and Heart. In this video she gives us the backstory.

Megan is a brilliant American Singer and Songwriter. Among her accomplishments is co-composing “Rules,” one of the songs featured on the soundtrack for the blockbuster movie, The Hunger Games. Megan’s style is an eclectic range of folk, blues and jazz while sounding approachable and new.

Although she grew up in a musical family, Megan was not always a performer. Family vacations centered around her father’s touring psychedelic rock band. Her academic studies took her on a voyage to study landscape architecture. While she is working for a Landscape Architecture Firm, Megan has realized how much she loves singing and performing beyond the confines of her shower. Her deliciously intimate debut album, Acorn Collections also features her brother Brandon Keely, her father Bert Keely and friends from her musical community.

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