TEDXSanJoseCA Live
TEDGlobal Livestream – Santana Row – June 12th, 2013

Event details

WhoA Diverse Mix of Thought Leaders
WhatTEDXSanJoseCA Live Speakers
and TEDGlobal Livestream, Edinburgh
WhereSantana Row & Olin Ave., San Jose, CA
WhenWednesday, June 12th 2013 – 8:00 p.m.
Registration – 6:00 p.m.
WhyHear Riveting Talks by Remarkable People
This Event is FREE – Prior Registration Required.
Registration is a commitment to attend.

TEDXSanJoseCA Live Speakers

Dana Vollmer
Olympic Swimmer
Dana Vollmer is an American Swimmer and Olympic gold medalist. She is also a proud ambassador for the American Heart Association.

Kim Silverman, Ph.D.
Magician and Scientist
A principal research scientist at Apple by day, Kim Silverman the more “esoteric” arts by night. Kim strives to do more than trick you but rather to make magic meaningful.

Roberto Granados
At 14 years, Roberto has already played his guitar and ukulele at the Emmy’s and for President Obama. Ernesto, his younger bother loves to jam with him.

Seth Shostak
Senior Astronomer at SETI
Seth Shostak leads the search for extraterrestrial life at SETI. He also hosts a weekly science radio show “Are We Alone?”. Seth is convinced ET is probably out there!

Steve Mazan
Comedian and Writer
Steve Mazan is a comedian and Emmy-winning Writer for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. His motto: “Live your dream, or die trying!”

Sam DeBrouwer
Co-founder, Scanadu
At Scanadu, Sam De Brouwer focuses on creating the medical tri-corder device from Star Trek, giving power to the consumer for their own health care.

Angela Zhang
Founder, Labs on Wheels
Angela won the Siemens Science Fair award for her “Swiss army knife” of cancer treatment. Her non-profit brings lab equipment to students and teachers.

Esther Wojcicki
Journalist and Educator
Esther Wojcicki is a pioneer in exploring the interface between education and technology. Wojcicki teaches the largest journalism class in the world.

TEDGlobal Livestream

Bernie Krause
Natural Sounds Legend
Bernie Krause records the sounds of endangered biospheres. His soundscapes uncover nature’s rich sonic tapestry — along with some unexpected results.

Marla Spivak
Bees Scholar
Marla Spivak researches bees’ behavior and biology in an effort to preserve this threatened, but ecologically essential, insect.

Sonia Shah
Science Writer
Science historian Sonia Shah explores the surprisingly fascinating story behind an ancient scourge: malaria.

Greg Gage
Greg Gage helps kids investigate the neuroscience in their own backyards.

Yaron Herman
Jazz Pianist
Reflective and precise, Yaron Herman plays piano jazz.

Suzana Herculano-Houzel
Suzana Herculano-Houzel shrunk the human brain by 14 billion neurons — by developing a new way to count them.

Carin Bondar
Wild Sex Biologist
Carin Bondar is an expert on the sexual life of animals — and loves to tell their wild sex stories.

Mariana Mazzucato
Innovation Economist
Which actor in the economy is most responsible for making radical information happen? Mariana Mazzucato comes up with a surprising answer: the state.

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